Thin Joint Blockwork


  • Improved build quality
  • Speedy on-site construction
  • No upfront payments
  • Better thermal performance
  • Better sound insulation
  • Less weather susceptible

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From oversite to water tight in 10 working days

oversite to water tight

Using the latest construction techniques, Masonry Frame Systems has developed a unique solution to meet the demands of today’s construction industry. It offers all the benefits of traditional construction…

masonry frame construction

The financial benefits

financial benefits thin joint

  • No up front payments
  • No deposit
  • No off-site manufacturing cost

Building with thin joint masonry makes sense.

With Timber Frame you’ll have to pay up to 90% up front before any on-site work is started plus the high cost of insuring the timber

financial benefits of thin joint blockwork

‘Fabric first’ – get it right and save

fabric first

MFS adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach which makes it easier to achieve ratings laid down by the Code for Sustainable Homes.


It also saves time and money and will ensure that you construct buildings that are as thermally efficient and airtight as possible.


Eco friendly and energy efficient

eco friendly

Our blocks are made of 85% Recycled Material

And the cellular structure of our Aircrete ensures outstanding thermal insulation, helping to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while enhancing noise insulation.

They also have excellent fire resistance.