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Client Testimonials

Oliver Garsed-Bennet – The Abbeyfield Kent Society

Our experience working with MFS has been really positive. We will definitely consider using them again having been impressed by the Silka Elements system, their way of working, and the service in general. 


They ably dealt with the late introduction of a gas membrane, due to an enforced design change. They adapted their schedule and worked with Jenner to resolve the situation, showing their flexibility and willingness to do whatever was necessary to keep to schedule. They were also very good at answering our questions and giving us assurances throughout the process and delivered both on time, and on budget.


We also valued the fact that the Silka Elements building system helped give an impressive example of a clean and efficient site. The significant reduction in waste and dust on site, along with the aesthetics of the blocks was really quite impactful compared to a traditional build, and numerous  visitors commented on this.”


Remi Morgan – Wates Group Ltd

“MFS proved to be a capable contractor and worked closely with Wates in terms of proposing the build methodology and reviewing the various design elements and package interfaces.”


Mike Rosier – Vinci Construction UK Ltd

“MFS took over our Silka works on our Eastbourne College project after problems with our Belgian contractor.

Being an experienced thin bed contractor, MFS got to grips with the intricacies of the system including the critical sequencing of the build to access the works with the material handler. MFS invested in further training of their operatives in the system and equipment including material handling which was a grey area regards CPCS certification. There were some sequencing delays by other trades… but MFS proved to be flexible in accommodating.”


Michael Withers – Jenner Contractors Ltd

“As well as shaving over 3 months off the programme, a huge factor for us was the management role that MFS would provide, effectively taking over the whole superstructure build, including being involved in the design and co-ordination. Their early involvement with our Design Manager has been fundamental to the project delivery…with MFS managing the build.

The block build process and the Silka material itself has improved the build programme timeframe, they also support the sustainability and efficiency values.”


Johan Leibenberg – Wates Living Space Ltd

“The choice of the H+H Celcon Thin Joint Aircrete block work system throughout the build was one of the key Design decisions in our solution to achieve Level 3 of the Code; and with the build contract undertaken by Masonry Frame Systems, it proved to be a wise decision.”


John Churchett – H+H

“It’s always nice to see H+H products and solutions being used with sustainability at the forefront. Oyster Reach is a beautiful development and is unique in its approach to the environment. The Thin-Joint System is easy to use and promotes the use of larger blocks, such as Jumbo Bloks, with 2mm joints rather than the traditional 10mm joint. This enables a building to be built faster whilst reducing cost and waste on site.”


Giles Holloway – Ashford Borough Council

“We wanted to go with an all masonry solution for several reasons. We wanted a really robust solution to help with our longer-term planned maintenance programme and feel that masonry provides us with the reassurance of a really solid structure. We also considered that airtightness that the Rå Build method offers, particularly the assurance that this level of airtightness will be maintained over time. The masonry solution also gave us the flexibility to include bespoke designs – which is key to the success of this project, given the nature of the sites we were developing.”


Adrian Rolt – Telegraph Construction Management Ltd

“We were pleased with the Rå Build approach because having the one shell contractor simplified the process for getting the site underway within agreed time frames. The speed of build is remarkable and in fact the watertight shells were ready so quickly we had to be alert to keep up. We found the Thin-Joint walls provide a very solid and true base for following trades.”


Martin Buckthorpe – Westridge Construction Ltd

“The project is going very well and Westridge are excited to reach weather tightness two weeks early.”



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