Mansonry Frame Systems

Key supply chain partners

MFS recognises that its supply chain is of critical importance both in terms of maintaining the company’s competitive advantage and ensuring its long-term success. Working in partnership with key supply chain partners enables MFS to expand business opportunities and stay at the forefront of research and development.

H+H Celcon

MFS is proud to have a long-standing partnership agreement with H+H Celcon, whose products are an integral part of the MFS system.

Superglass Insulation

MFS has a well-established trading agreement with Superglass and has worked closely with the company to help it achieve Robust Detail approval for its products, as well as solutions to meet Code 4 of the CfSH. MFS has recently declared a partnership agreement with Superglass Insulations.

Keystone Group

MFS has a long-standing association with IG lintels and the Keystone Group and has worked closely with them to develop their products to meet the Code of Sustainable Homes. MFS has recently declared a Partnership Agreement with the Keystone Group.

MFS works closely with a number of other key suppliers and distributors, all of which have a critical part to play in the success and delivery of the company’s system. We will continue to review and add to this list to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

As part of our business philosophy, we recognise and acknowledge the importance of our supply chain and the contribution our on-site erection teams make to the delivery of each project and the long-term success of our business.

With sincere gratitude and great pleasure we recognise their contribution in our MFS Annual Awards for:


  • The Supplier of the Year
  • The Delivery Driver of the Year
  • The Golden Scoop of the Year


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