Mansonry Frame Systems

The MFS System

Using the latest construction techniques, Masonry Frame Systems has developed a unique solution to meet the demands of today’s construction industry.

It offers all the benefits of traditional construction together with the speed, efficiency and productivity of system building and enables MFS to  construct a typical pair of semi-detached houses from ‘oversite to watertight’ in ten working days.

Cost effective construction

Improved quality and build times

The MFS solution, which combines the H+H Celcon Thin Bed aircrete system with engineered timber flooring systems and solid wall construction, improves quality and build times, reduces waste and defects, and provides a cost effective alternative to timber frame construction.


Timesaving manufacturing

Adopting many of the principles of ‘lean thinking’, Masonry Frame Systems offers a fast, reliable and efficient service. The MFS system offers all the timesaving advantages of ‘off-site’ manufacture, plus the convenience of ‘on-site’ production. It also provides the robustness of solid masonry and is flexible enough to accommodate bespoke or individual design.

Improved build performance

complete solutions

MFS trained operatives on site

Using the latest thin joint masonry systems, together with integrated engineered flooring systems and roofing systems, MFS’s trained operatives can achieve significant improvements in air tightness, thermal performance and sound performance. This enhances the overall build quality and reduces the building’s susceptibility to prevailing weather conditions.

The system also satisfies the latest standards of both Part E and L of the Building Regulations and achieves compliance with the latest Robust Details.

Complete solutions

As specialist installers of H + H Celcon products, MFS is also able to offer a complete masonry solution, using solid wall construction and Jamera Flooring systems, which offer greater versatility and robustness.

MMC status

By combining traditional components with the latest construction techniques and innovative design, Masonry Frame Systems meets the criteria of ‘non off-site’ manufacture, achieving Modern Method of Construction (MMC) status under Housing Corporation guidelines.

Sustainable standards

MFS predominantly uses environmentally sound building products that achieve ‘A’ ratings (according to the Green Guide to Housing), and also provides opportunities for the employment of local labour and on-site training.

An MFS system can, therefore, make a valuable contribution to any development being constructed under Passivhaus, and have a positive impact on the overall sustainability within the community.

thin joint blockwork correct

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