Mansonry Frame Systems

Aircrete and Celfix

MFS uses aircrete blocks and Celfix, a special thin joint mortar, both produced by H+H Celcon.

Environmentally-friendly blocks

Celcon aircrete block

Aircrete blocks, made from recycled fuel ash from coal-fired power stations are lightweight, easy to work with and have a high resistance to fire, frost, water penetration and sulfate attack.

They have excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Aircrete is suitable for all types of construction including social housing, commercial properties, schools and colleges. It can be used with steel framed buildings and for multi-storey concrete buildings.


Fast-setting mortar

Full design strength in two hours

Celfix, a quick-setting, thin-layer mortar, has been developed by H+H UK Limited for use with H+H aircrete blocks.

The Celfix mortar starts to set within 10 minutes of application and approaches full design strength in one to two hours.

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