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Silka Frequently Asked Questions

This download provides you with information about commonly asked questions about the Silka system.

Silka FAQ


Silka System Factsheet

An overview of a unique solution to meet the demands of today’s construction industry.

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Thin Joint Factsheet

A full explanation of thin joint blockwork and related areas. The perfect guide to share with colleagues and managers.

thin joint brochure



Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we are asked about thin joint masonry constructions.

thin joint brochure



thin joint brochureH+H Thin Joint System – A Modern Method of Construction

H+H aircrete is used extensively in all types of construction including houses, apartments, commercial properties, multi-storey concrete, steel framed buildings and schools.


thin joint brochureRå Build Costing Factsheet

calfordseaden was commissioned to research the comparative costs of five different common house construction methods based on a 20 unit development of 3 bedroom houses.


sustainability brochureBuilding a sustainable future – H+H environmental and sustainability credentials

Aircrete was conceived as an environmentally friendly product and its manufacture and application continues to be ever more kind to the planet. From the beginning, H+H has vigorously pursued and maintained the highest environmental standards.


sustainability brochureBenefits of H+H aircrete for separating walls

Robust Details from H+H UK Ltd published in May 2012 show that separating walls built using H+H aircrete blocks can easily surpass Building Regulation requirements, achieving the enhanced performances required for 3 credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes or 4 EcoHomes credits. H+H aircrete party walls not only offer excellent acoustic performance but can also significantly reduce heat losses at thermal bridges where the party walls penetrate the external fabric insulation (for example, at ground floor or roof level). The recent publication of aircrete Constructive Details enables designers and their Energy Assessors to fully utilise these inherent benefits, resulting in potential savings to insulation elsewhere, or other CO2 reducing measures. H+H has published a technical document with more information on how H+H aircrete can assist the construction of separating walls.


  • Thin Joint Factsheet

    Everything you need to know about thin joint

    A full explanation of thin joint blockwork and related areas. The perfect guide to share with colleagues and managers.