Mansonry Frame Systems

Roofing systems

Roof trusses

Prefabricated timber trussed rafter roofs are the final components in the MFS system build process. They are most commonly used in the pitched roof construction to houses, but are extremely versatile and can be applied to most roof designs.

Roofing System

MFS commonly includes gable and spandrel panels clad in a non-combustible sheet material in its roof design. This removes the need for additional scaffolding to build masonry in the roof space. The trusses are lightweight and strong, and their installation is the final step in making the building watertight.

Our team of carpenters normally takes one to two days to install the trussed roof construction to a single or pair of houses after completing the thin joint blockwork. This includes ladders, straps, bracing and ties.

Cut and pitch roof construction

When appropriate, MFS often adopts a traditional cut and pitch approach to roof design. This is a very flexible method of roof construction, more practical and more cost effective in many instances, especially where a room in the roof is required.

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