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Thin Joint Blockwork

thin joint blockwork

Mortar sets in two hours

Thin joint blockwork is a fast, accurate, clean method of construction which uses aerated concrete blocks and special mortar.

It enables walls to be built very quickly: because the mortar sets very quickly (in one to two hours) there is no need to wait the conventional 24 hours before further loading can be applied to the walls.

The benefits of thin joint blockwork

  • Improved quality of build
  • Speed of construction
  • Improved airtightness
  • Better thermal performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Significantly reduced waste and defects
  • Robustness of solid masonry
  • A Modern Method of Construction (MMC)
  • Ecohomes ‘A’ ratings
  • Compliance with latest Part E Building Regulations
  • Greater assurance of delivery
  • Less weather susceptible
  • Provides opportunity for local labour and training initiatives

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