Albion Street, Brighton

MFS were appointed in early 2021 to work with Westridge Construction Limited on a new project, providing full structural engineering and design services delivered in BIM. The original design was for RC frame, but MFS redesigned the structure and quickly showed substantial cost savings of -20% and an accelerated build programme, saving est. 10 weeks onsite. MFS are then commissioned to complete the construction of the 49 apartments, over two separate blocks of five and six storeys for the housing authority, utilising the MFS i-Form Solution®. Our P-DfMA approach to MMC.

Green Housing


Construction at a glance:

Location: Brighton
Client: Westridge Construction Limited
Build TypeResidential Medium-High Rise
No of Units: 49 apartments over two blocks of five & six storeys, the ‘sweet spot’ for the MFS i-Form Solution®
Status: 2021 Project
Build Duration: Estimated at 26 weeks on site, saving 10 weeks off the original timeline
Budget: Saving 20% off the overall build programme budgets
System: MFS i-Form Solution®

Construction Platforms:

  • Xella Silka large format blocks
  • Structural Steel Frame
  • PreCast Concrete Hollowcore floor planks
  • Addresses Class 2B Disproportionate Collapse
  • PreCast Concrete Stairs & balconies
  • VHP Full Height Wall Panels

Project Details

We’re very excited to be bringing our MFS i-Form Solution® to a project of this profile and scale. MFS are taking total Design Responsibility in BIM for the Structural Design and have addressed all associated Class 2B Disproportionate Collapse works. The project was originally conceived for RC Frame, but the MFS i-Form Solution® delivered substantial savings both in terms of time (-10 weeks) and budget (-20%).

Using our experience and expertise in intelligent value engineering, we have developed innovative, cost effective solutions that meet the growing environmental demands of today’s housing industry and offer best value in the long term. The combination of ‘platforms’ includes large format Xella Silka Elements, PCC hollowcore floors, balconies and other standardised construction components, that are precision engineered in factory conditions offsite.

Westridge Commented “The innovative Silka Block system is well under way with both units going up at a remarkable pace. The large pre-cut blocks are glued together using a jointing compound that cures in just one hour allowing the team to lay 4 courses in one day to benefit the programme. We are delighted to be working with Adur and Worthing District Council to deliver their first new council homes for 30 years, which are required to meet their growing housing demand.

During our visit to site we have installed a time lapse camera and are looking forward to reviewing and sharing the footage as the 49 units, overlooking Shoreham Harbour, progress.

Thank you again to our Site Manager Jake Noble and Masonry Frame Systems who are carrying out the block work. We look forward to visiting the site again soon and seeing how this project progresses.”

Norman Hinckes MD of Masonry Frame Systems

‘We are delighted to confirm our appointment on the Albion St project. This marks a milestone as the 1st formal appointment since the registration and launch of the MFS i-Form Solution® in autumn 2020, and renews our longstanding acquaintance with Westridge Construction Ltd. As we emerge from the covid restrictions, we see enormous potential in the i-Form Solution® as the take up of MMC and PDfMA continues to gain traction. Whilst relevant for most medium to high rise construction, at 5 storeys and above, we believe our system is in a class of its own’

100% BIM Compliant Design

MFS i-Form Solution® BIM Model of the ground floor of block 1 for Albion Street.

This video shows the Xella Silka individual blocks in blue and the Engineering Steelwork in black. The white walls are the architect’s design. Integrating the engineer’s and architect’s design in BIM MFS can combine them to show the steel beams and lintels with all the cuts and elements planned out for millimetre accurate offsite manufacture. We also integrate the M&E design to plan how that interacts with the steelwork and Silka Elements on order to create the builders’ work and holes during manufacturing process. Meaning that no waste leaves the factory gate and our assembly process results in zero waste to landfill.

This Cost Benefit Analysis shows how the MFS i-Form Solution® performs over a complete project cycle when compared to traditional build methods and RC Frame Construction.

Construction Achievements:

0 weeks
On Site
Reduction in Labour
Zero Waste to Landfill
Estimated Saving

Key Performance Indicators


  • 26 weeks in planning and design

  • 12 weeks in Dfma

  • 26 weeks on site


  • Phased payment plan

  • 10 weeks less time estimated on site than RC frame

  • 80% less labour required

  • No internal scaffolding

  • Zero Waste to Landfill

  • Estimated to save 20% on overall build spend


  • Fire resistant: Excellent 4hrs+

  • Acoustic: Excellent

  • Thermal Mass: Good

  • Green Credentials: A rated


  • Fully BIM compliant

  • Design Warranty

  • Part E & Part L Building regs

  • Meets Approved Document A3 Disproportionate Collapse Class 2B

The Role of MFS

With a combination of construction ‘platforms’ including the Xella Silka Element system, PCC floors, balconies and other components, together with their in-house structural engineering team, MFS are proud to bring their own PDfMA approach (trademarked as the i-Form Solution®) to market and see massive benefits for the ‘medium to high’ rise residential sector.

MFS Design Innovations

49 luxury apartments over two 5 & 6 storey blocks, using the MFS i-Form Solution® – a platform approach to MMC. Utilising the primary platform of Xella Silka large format blocks, this project represents another achievement for MFS as they have taken total Design Responsibility for the Structural Design, which is being delivered in BIM from the outset.

Client Testimonial

“We are glad to be working with Masonry Frame Systems as they assist us in delivering this important project. The MFS i-Form Solution® has promised to deliver cost and programme benefits and we look forward to seeing those benefits realised as the scheme progresses.”

Dan Gill, Westridge Construction Ltd

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