Seagate Hunstanton, Norfolk

MFS were appointed by the Invus Property Group to construct 21 units over six storeys at Seagate Hunstanton in Norfolk using the MFS i-Form Solution®, our P-DfMA approach to MMC.

Green Housing


Construction at a glance:

Location: Seagate Hunstanton, Norfolk
Client: Invus Property Group
Build TypeResidential Medium to High Rise
No of Units: 21 Units over 6 storeys
Status: Completed
Build Duration: 19 weeks to topping out the 5th floor
Finishing: 3 weeks for VHPs and Curtain Walling Steelwork
System: MFS i-Form Solution®

Construction Platforms:

  • Sub Structure
  • Loose Structural steel work
  • CSU large format blocks for structural walls
  • Address Class 2B Disproportionate Collapse
  • PreCast Concrete Hollowcore floor planks
  • PreCast Concrete stairs & balconies
  • VHP internal walls

Project Details

Delivering the complete structural envelopes of 21 units, comprising apartments and commercial units over 6 storeys using the MFS i-Form Solution® this project represents another milestone for MFS as they have taken total Design Responsibility for the Structural Design and have addressed all associated Class 2B Disproportionate Collapse works.

The combination of ‘platforms’ included large format CSUs, PCC hollowcore floors, balconies and other construction components. MFS are proud to bring their own PDfMA approach to market and see massive opportunity in the ‘medium to high’ rise residential sector.

We’re more than excited to be bringing our approach to a project of this scale. Using our experience and expertise in intelligent value engineering, we have developed innovative, cost effective solutions that meet the growing environmental demands of today’s housing industry and offer best value in the long term.

The client chose to adopt our alternative build methods due to a need to fast track the build. Use of the MFS i-Form Solution® will provide efficiency in the project and the build process, not to mention the financial benefit of early occupation.

Construction Achievements:

0 weeks
Less time on site
Reduction in Labour
Less waste on site
Overall build saving

Key Performance Indicators


  • 30 weeks in planning and design

  • 12 weeks in Dfma

  • 22 weeks on site


  • Structured payment plan

  • 12-16 weeks less time on site than a traditional build

  • 80% less labour required

  • No internal scaffolding

  • Over £400k in overall build spend

  • 100% less waste on site

  • Occupation 9-12 weeks earlier than a traditional build


  • Fire resistant: Excellent 4hrs+

  • Acoustic: Excellent

  • Thermal: Good

  • Green Credentials: A rated


  • Design Warranty

  • Part E & Part L Building regs

  • Meets Approved Document A3 Disproportionate Collapse Class 2A & 2B

  • BIM compliant

Client Testimonial

“I am thrilled to provide a resounding endorsement for Masonry Frame Systems. Having completed over 100 projects, ranging from small conversions to large-scale constructions, I can confidently say that I’ve pretty much seen it all.

However, Masonry Frame Systems is an excellent choice for any modern-day construction needs. I can attest to their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. Even in the early stages of my project, I find myself compelled to ring them on a weekly basis to express my gratitude for their outstanding work. Their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring that every aspect of the project is completed to the highest standard have exceeded my expectations.

Overall, I highly recommend Masonry Frame Systems for any construction project, big or small. Their experience, expertise, and commitment to quality make them a standout company in the industry. If you are seeking a reliable and professional construction company, do not hesitate to consider MFS.”

Simeon Miighty, Invus Property Group

The Role of MFS

With a combination of construction ‘platforms’ including large format CSUs, PCC floors, balconies and other components, together with their In House Design team, MFS are proud to bring their own PDfMA approach (trademarked as the i-Form Solution®) to market and see massive opportunity in the ‘medium to high’ rise residential sector.

MFS Design Innovations

21 units over 6 storey using the MFS i-Form Solution® utilising the primary platform of large format CSUs, this project represents another milestone for MFS as they have taken total Design Responsibility for the Structural Design.

22 weeks on site and 35% saving in build costs

Hunstanton_MFS by Kerry Richards

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