Damian Green MP for Ashford visited MFS on 8th October to find out more about our i-Form Solution®

Every month, Ashford MP Damian Green and his researcher visit a leading business in the constituency to find out more about their industry, business model, views, current challenges and ambitions.

On Friday 8th October 2021, Damian’s team and Neil Vanstone, Head of Membership & Events at the Kent Invicta Chamber spent over an hour with the MFS team and discovering why the MFS i-Form Solution® ticks all the MMC and Offsite boxes,

Norman explained how this build method & ethos addresses the acute skills shortage head-on and how MFS can continue to rely on a secure supply chain.

Damian and Neil were given an overview on our MFS i-Form Solution®, followed by an insight into digital design and 3D modelling from Matt, our MFS BIM technician.

Tom and Will were then able to demonstrate exactly how the system works with the large format Xella Silka elements and our remote controlled mini-crane. Neil and Damian were impressed with the block density and the precision of the crane.

Damian’s researcher even had a go with the remote control and proved a real natural, manoeuvring a 1m x 600mm calcium silicate block weighing over 200kg effortlessly into position.

Actively involved in housing issues and policy

Late in September 2021 Damian was invited to a meeting on Housing and Planning with the new Housing Minister, Michael Gove.

One of the key challenges facing the Government is making sure the planning system is seen as fair and responsive. Damian made the point that any new system needed to leave control over important decisions, such as which areas would be allowed for development in the hands of local representatives. With a total housing stock of nearly 30 million, whether you build 250,000 or 300,000 new homes a year is relatively unimportant in helping young people buy their own home.

The group also wanted proper controls over the big developers, so that they actually built the homes for which they have planning permission in a timely manner and did not simply sit on the land for years.