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MMC & P-DfMA Resources & Reference

As the industry wakes up to the serious issues affecting the construction industry, we have noticed more thoughts being voiced and more documentation being published on the subject of Modern Methods of Construction and P-DfMA. A component / kits of parts / platform based approach to design, offsite manufacture and onsite assembly.

We have actively tracked the emerging documentation and our answer to this is to develop the MFS iForm Solution – our P-DfMA approach to MMC.

MMC Reports, Guidelines & Documentation

MMC Video Bank

How big would a brick be if it was held by a robot?

A shift in mind set…. Jaimie Johnston and Kevin Masters from architectural firm Bryden Wood talk to ICE Publishing about their article, ‘Automated construction: boosting on-site productivity using a platform-based approach’, published in November 2019’s Civil Engineering Special Issue on Offsite and Smart construction.

Digital technology with an on-site, self-contained factory to reducing construction times & improving quality

Following the success of the Jump Factory, Mace worked with Australian firm Hickory to adapt the building system for construction in the UK. Using parametric modelling tools and artificial intelligence, HRS is able to draw from a catalogue of components to design and manufacture the structure and façade subassemblies offsite.

MMC & P-DfMA Milestones in the News

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