2009 Highest Sound Test Results at Chantry Hall

Plots 29 – 36, Chantry Hall site, Foxbury Lane, Westbourne, Emsworth West Sussex. The above 8 units are Affordable Homes constructed for Downland Housing Association, completed by Telegraph Construction in Jan 2009.

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Masonry Frame Systems have built an innovative separating wall construction at a Telegraph Construction site at Westbourne, West Sussex. It comprised of a Celcon thin joint untied separating wall with a 75mm cavity filled with Isover acoustic insulation, finished with plasterboard on dabs. No render/parge coat on the wall surface was considered necessary with this design. This was aimed at meeting a minimum acoustic performance of 50dB DnTw + Ctr, 5dB above that required by the building regulations, to attract 3 credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH).

Airborne sound tests undertaken on the properties resulted in performance value of 55-57dB, which in fact is even better than the highest possible credits achievable under the CfSH of 4 credits, where a minimum value of 53dB is required.

These are the highest sound reduction test results we have ever achieved, so the combination of sound materials, innovative design and good workmanship will certainly benefit the occupiers of these homes.

Doug Harris Research Manager , H+H UK Ltd