The MFS i-Form Solution®
Our P-DfMA approach to MMC
THE alternative to RC Frame

Particularly relevant for medium to high-rise construction, the MFS i-Form Solution® typically halves traditional build programmes and is up to 35% cheaper than RC Frame and Metsec Infill.

Using a ‘Platform approach to Design for Manufacture & Assembly’ and the latest construction techniques, Masonry Frame Systems has developed their i-Form Solution® to meet the demands of today’s construction industry and as a cost effective alternative to RC Frame construction.

The award winning MFS i-Form Solution® is the most cost effective alternative to RC Frame construction and our PDfMA approach to MMC

MFS deliver an attractive alternative to RC Frame construction, and on projects of 5 or more storeys can represent a saving on budget of up to 35%. Plus we deliver up to 200% faster. Contact us now on 01233 813569 or email to find out how you could save your project time AND money.


Up to 35% Cheaper than RC Frame

For Buildings of 3 or more storeys

Relevant for construction projects of 3 storeys and above. For buildings of 5 or more storeys the savings can be in the order of 35%.

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200% Faster than Traditional Build Methods

Teams of Two with Remotely Controlled Mini Cranes

Our teams of two lay our large format calcium silicate blocks which equate to 60 traditional bricks in under 6 minutes each. We can complete a whole wall in 45mins, which is structural sound in less than 24hrs.

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100% Non Combustable

Xella Blocks are 93% sand and 7& lime

Our Calcium Silicate blocks are non combustable and achieve strengths in excess of 20 N/mm2.

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Zero Waste to Landfill

The Only Waste is Plastic Wrapping

Our Xella blocks are delivered to site, cut to size and in the exact order of construction. Pallets are recycled and we are currently looking to bale the wrap for recycling. Cleaner & Greener.

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The key benefits of the MFS i-Form Solution® in direct comparison to RC Frame

The MFS i-Form Solution® has been independently assessed, compared to a traditional RC frame construction, and proven to deliver:

* Up to 35% saving on overall build budget on projects of 5+ storeys

* 200% quicker completion times

* Only 20-25% of the traditional workforce is required

* 90-95% offsite manufacture of components

* 100% productivity levels

* 100% scalable

* Zero waste to landfill

* Excellent fire, acoustic and environmental credentials

This Cost Benefit Analysis shows how the MFS i-Form Solution® performs over a complete project cycle when compared to RC Frame build methods.

In a recent exercise we were asked to be part of a Cost / Benefit analysis conducted by a leading UK Developer & Main Contractor and two top London QS practices. They were tasked with evaluating and comparing various MMC solutions for post-Covid procurement and had targeted the MFS i-Form Solution™ utilising the Xella Silka Elements as the primary ‘platform’ to be part of the study, comparing it directly with a conventional RC Frame build.

A number of exercises were undertaken with both ‘real’ world and ‘simulation’ models. They concluded that the MFS i-Form Solution™ was both substantially quicker and at least 20% cheaper than RC Frame and Metsec infill and used less than 20-25% of the expected workforce. This was particularly pertinent for a Covid-secure construction site, where social distancing and maintaining productivity levels are continuing to prove extremely challenging.

In fact in one exercise, based on a real life 630-unit high rise apartment scheme, which was estimated should take c. 54-56 working weeks to complete; they had an average of 130 site based operatives on site for the duration of the structural build programme. They concluded that the MFS i-Form Solution™ would reduce that estimate to just 46 weeks, with typically only 25-30 operatives on site.

The study group was also impressed by the excellent fire, acoustic and environmental credentials of the system and are recommending the system to their procurement personnel and groups as a viable and cost effective MMC option for the future.

Since this exercise our estimating department is now realising up to a 35% reduction in costs for building projects of 5 or more storeys.

100% BIM Compliant Design

MFS i-Form Solution® BIM Model of the ground floor of block 1 for Albion Street.

This video shows the Xella Silka individual blocks in blue and the Engineering Steelwork in black. The white walls are the architect’s design. Integrating the engineer’s and architect’s design in BIM MFS can combine them to show the steel beams and lintels with all the cuts and elements planned out for millimetre accurate offsite manufacture. We also integrate the M&E design to plan how that interacts with the steelwork and Silka Elements on order to create the builders’ work and holes during manufacturing process. Meaning that no waste leaves the factory gate and our assembly process results in zero waste to landfill.

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