The MFS i-Form Solution™
Our P-DfMA approach to MMC

Using a ‘Platform approach to Design for Manufacture & Assembly’ and the latest construction techniques, Masonry Frame Systems has developed their i-Form Solution™ to meet the demands of today’s construction industry.

Particularly relevant for medium to high-rise construction, the MFS i-Form Solution™ typically halves traditional build programmes and is at least 20% cheaper than RC Frame or Metsec Infill.

The MFS i-Form Solution™ – the intelligent formation of a platform approach to MMC

MFS deliver the complete structural envelope from DPC to weathertight. As part of our service and overall construction we use the most appropriate modern methods of construction to deliver the best complete solutions. These can include any of the platforms, systems, options and elements below.

What is P-DfMA?

P = Platforms, a suite of trusted, tried and tested components, elements & systems

D = Design of a bespoke 'kit of parts' designed to fulfil project criteria, sustainably

fM = For Manufacture off-site, made to measure in automated factory conditions

A = Assembly on-site using much less labour, in less time and with zero waste to landfill

Trademark Certificate No: 3469688

The key benefits of the MFS i-Form Solution™

The MFS i-Form Solution™ has been independently assessed, compared to a traditional RC frame construction, and proven to deliver:

* 90-95% offsite manufacture of components

* 100% productivity levels

* 200% quicker completion times

* 20-25% of the traditional workforce is required

* 20% saving on overall build budget

* 100% scalable

* Zero waste to landfill

* Excellent fire, acoustic and environmental credentials

Additional Construction Options & Platforms


  • H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks
  • Ytong Foundation Blocks
  • Beam and block floors


  • Structural steel frames
  • Loose steels


  • Face brickwork
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • External render systems


  • Thin Joint blockwork
  • Party wall insulation
  • VHPs


  • Precast concrete floor planks
  • H+H Celcon ‘Jamara’ Floor Slab System
  • Timber floors
  • Eco joist floors
  • “I” Joists


  • Precast concrete stairs & landings
  • Cantilever balconies


  • Roof trusses
  • Cut & pitch roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Spandrel & Gable Panels


  • P-DfMA
  • Design Warranty
  • £5 miliion PI Insurance
  • Inhouse Consultant Structural Engineer
  • Fully BIM Compliant Design

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