MFS are announced as a Finalist in the Ashford Business Awards 2019

Masonry Frame Systems are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Innovation category in the Ashford Business Awards. The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday 20th November at the Ashford International Hotel.

The Masonry Frame System is pure innovation, in terms of design, off-site manufacture and on-site construction methods. The system has been used in several large scale construction projects around Ashford and the South East.

Masonry Frame Systems

The blockwork system we use is new to the UK and only currently being imported by MFS. The blocks are manufactured by Xella, a German company who operate globally, employing over 7,300 staff and have a presence in 23 countries.

Primarily we use their Silka Elements which are very large format masonry blocks. The system is designed, manufactured and cut ‘off site’, with all dust and waste confined and recycled in the factory. The system is delivered to site as a ‘kit of parts’ and assembled on site in pre-programmed phases. As the  blocks are large they are heavy, weighing up to 240kg we use Lissmac mini-cranes to lift them into position.

Efficient, swift and clean!

We recently completed the construction of the structural walls of a one bedroom apartment at a live demonstration at the South East Construction Expo is just under six hours.

Silka Innovations

  • Allows for significant improvements in productivity on site
  • Reduced need for skilled labour
  • Reduces manual handling, cutting and waste
  • Improved build quality.
  • Faster construction completion