European ConTech Summit

European ConTech Summit 2019

Much has been heralded about the ‘need for change’ and how digitalisation can help transform our industry and it was with great pleasure that our MD Norman Hinckes accepted the invitation to take part in the European ConTech Summit in London last week.

An inspiring event with illuminating and entertaining discussion on how the sector is and needs to prepare for the investment in tech to spark positive disruption.

In particular a speech by Mark Farmer, Founding Director & CEO at Cast Consultancy at a crucially important time for the industry. A clear but difficult decision now for businesses to choose between progression or retrenchment.

Mark Farmer

“The overwhelming sense I took away was of an industry starting to wake up to the growing burgeoning technology opportunity but with large parts still beset by the barriers to modernisation – fragmentation, behaviours, lack of leadership, adversity to risk & financial investment.  New change initiators including emergence of end to end ‘digital construction’ solutions, vertically integrated digital DfMA platforms, HMG’s ‘Transforming Construction’ programme and increasing out of sector disruption will accelerate decision making. However, I ended my presentation with the unwelcome reality in the years ahead – our industry will both modernise and die, it’s just a question of in what proportions and how quickly.” Mark Farmer

“A great day. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Our options are becoming increasingly limited. As I have said for some time, we are at a critical juncture. Change is inevitable, we have seen many false dawns before but I firmly believe the reality is now. We have an industry that is still stuck in the dark ages. For me it is really quite simple, Brexit aside; We have too much to do and too few to do it!!!” Norman Hinckes