MFS are SECBE Awards Finalists in the Offsite Category for the MFS i-Form Solution® and Norman joins the Offsite Discussion Panel.

Norman joins the Offsite Panel Discussion 1st July at 4pm

Topic: Time, cost and quality – Offsite has cracked it! But, how well does Offsite address current day challenges of zero carbon, design flair & flexibility and fire?

The panellists represent some of the leading companies delivering offsite in London and the South East and will share some of the benefits of using offsite over traditional methods and the positive impact on the sustained needs of the client and local community.

  • Hosted by Steven Hearn, CEO, Mid Group
  • Masonry Frame Systems Ltd.
  • Ecoworld London
  • Fit Out UK
  • GBE Group
  • TopHat

The People’s Choice Award

MFS are finalists in the Offsite Category, but we would also love to get your vote for The People’s Choice Award.

Simply Visit our awards blog and scroll right to the bottom of the page and hit the ‘VOTE’ button to cast your vote.

The winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony on 1st July 2021.

Attend the Awards Ceremony on 1st July 2021 from 5.30pm

Join MFS at the 2021 virtual awards ceremony to find out who this year’s winners are and to support & acknowledge everyone’s achievements.

The Constructing Excellence SECBE awards recognise the very best of the construction & built environment industry from across London & the South East. Now in their 15th year, they are back again to celebrate the best companies, collaborations, and projects in our region.

Pleased to announce that Masonry Frame Systems are once again Finalists in the Construction Excellence SECBE Awards 2021, in the Offsite Category for the MFS i-Form Solution®, our PdfMA approach to MMC.

Our Entry in March 2021

As Homes England finally launches a 6-year government research project exploring offsite construction in the house-building sector, they acknowledge that there is no meaningful definition of MMC and that the term can be used for a wide range of offsite building systems. Little wonder that a term so often used, yet so loosely defined can be tricky to communicate.

They hope is that ‘the research will confirm the received wisdom on these technologies, so that more companies will rush to adopt them’ and that the findings will be ‘revolutionary’ in terms of improved productivity, build speed, and economies of scale’.

Homes England technical director Robert Stone “We are committed to increasing the uptake of modern methods of construction. More needs to be done to share learning and build confidence in MMC.”

 At MFS we’ve known this for a while and are pleased that the government is committed to driving change. However, quite frankly, we cannot wait another six years for the industry to get fully on-board with the revolution!

Since Mark Farmer published his seminal report ‘Modernise or Die’ in 2016 we have been verging on the evangelical about MMC and the offsite ‘Manufacturing-Led’ construction ‘Platforms’ that form such an integral part of delivering a true MMC solution.

Which is why we realised that we needed to clearly define our own P-DfMA approach to MMC. To put it in a nutshell as a systematic formula; easy to understand, easy to benchmark and easy to commission, over and above traditional build methods. To make it a ‘no-brainer’.

So, the MFS i-Form Solution® was trademarked in August 2020, but has been years in development.

  • It is our mindset, our attitude and our vision
  • It is the partners that we collaborate with, and the offsite construction platforms we choose
  • It is the way we design, digitally and fully BIM compliant to create bespoke yet repeatable buildings
  • It is our ‘assembly’ approach to construction onsite, with core teams of two using one mini-crane
  • It is our focus on health, safety & wellbeing
  • It is our commitment to green technologies and practices

MFS i-Form Solution® is about building BETTER, GREENER & SMARTER to deliver sustainable developments for our clients and local communities.