Gales Place Reaches Passivhaus Standard

We are pleased to share that Gales Place has successfully reached Passivhaus standards. This was Westridge’s first Passivhaus build and we are proud to help them achieve the standard. With this achievement Westridge have joined an elite group of contractors in the UK that has successfully completed a Passivhaus development.

It is also the first Passivhaus build for Westridge’s partner Crawley Borough Council.

The development includes six flats and seven houses built to the high comfort and low bills of the Passivhaus standard, thus providing affordable housing for residents. The buildings have high insulation levels, high performance doors, windows and air tightness, which are so efficient that a central heating system isn’t needed.

The build itself also exceeds the building regulation minimum standards with triple glazing, 300mm wall insulation and a ventilation system providing filtered pre-warmed air.

Westridge’s site team worked very closely with the Building Control inspector, and in order to keep the quality high, over 4,000 photographs were taken throughout the process. The build also achieved an air tightness of .55 to .62, which is extremely difficult. All this was achieved whilst completing the job to the original timescales!

It’s perhaps with no surprise then that, Sussex building control has nominated Westridge’s Site Manager, Wayne Hoad, for the LABC Site Manager of the Year Award.

The project has also been nominated for LABC Social Housing Development award and The Housing Excellence Award. Fingers crossed!