Neil Thomas, Director of Housing at H+H considers the current drive to MMC

Recently Neil Thomas of H+H Celcon reviewed the drive towards MMC and the common confusion with a purely modular approach to construction.

Neil write “So MMC is the solution for the housing crisis?  As a shorthand for the need to reinvigorate the housebuilding industry to deliver higher volumes fast, it’s as good a term as any other. But there lies the problem – the term MMC is too often used interchangeably with “offsite” or “modular build”.  To confuse these terms entirely misconstrues the point of the drive towards the adoption of MMCs. Listening to some commentators (many of whom really should know better) you would be forgiven for thinking that government is committed to ensuring all new houses are built entirely in a factory and delivered, fully complete, to site.”

Thomas reflects ” Is the market ready now?  High demand coinciding with a reduction in the workforce is a perfect storm that none of us can ignore and if we start from the objective: more high-quality homes, and work collaboratively, there is a whole realm of innovation waiting to be unlocked.”

Interestingly Neil references the current working definition of MMC – put together by Mark Farmer – which tackles the issue in the right order. Focusing on the desired outcome: more, high-quality homes built using less people, his stepped approach defines seven categories of MMC, recognising that innovation comes in many forms and that change will be incremental. >>Read The Cast Consultancy’s document here which introduces the MMC definition framework

H+H Celcon’s explanatory video demonstrating their I-House system and that aircrete has great MMC solutions.