Interesting thoughts on MMC & Modular Construction from Mark Farmer on BBC Breakfast

Government Advisor, Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Consultancy and Co-Chair of Constructing Excellence echoed our thoughts on MMC and modular forms construction last week on BBC Breakfast.

He outlined how developers & manufacturers should be collaborating at scale, not procuring traditionally project by project, as well as being open to, and building awareness of new ways of delivering quality homes – quickly and cost effectively.

Our DfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) approach sees over 80% of what we now construct being designed, manufactured and engineered all ‘Offsite’. Delivered to site – ready for site Assembly. Our systems are engineered and cut in factory conditions off-site, once on site the precision-engineered blocks rapidly and simply fit together, like a jigsaw.

The expertise of our construction teams mean that projects take shape quickly and the use of cranes to erect the build mitigates manual handling and reduces the cost of labor. This significantly improves productivity, reduces downtime and is substantially quicker and more cost effective.

Mark Farmer’s Interview on BBC Breakfast May 2019