MFS’ Added Value

We are often invited to work with clients who are looking to a) reduce their timescales and b) meet sustainability requirements.

Our build systems provide an answer to both issues but our service encompasses so much more. We are not just about supply and build. We work with our clients to devise a plan which integrates all aspects of the design and their interfaces, into the overall construction schedule.

We believe our early involvement in the project with the Design Team is essential, to ensure collaborative practices are adopted and to create a single, unified set of information. Our experience of the latest innovations and construction Methods, and design co-ordination allows us to identify any opportunity to optimise the build programme, reduce costs and avoid delays and disruption.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify clashes, allocate appropriate resource levels and adopt the highest quality control systems that ensure certainty of delivery and on budget.

This added value which we bring is particularly beneficial for large, complex, multi-faceted projects such as care and retirement homes where increased services and confined spaces exacerbate co-ordination problems.

We have recently completed our works on a care facility in Tonbridge, Kent, working with Jenner (Contractors) Ltd.  Their project manager commented;

“As well as shaving over 3 months off the programme, a huge factor for us was the management role that MFS would provide, effectively taking over the whole superstructure build, including being involved in the design and co-ordination. Their early involvement with our Design Manager has been fundamental to the project delivery. Jenner have been able to take an overseeing role from an architectural and structural engineering standpoint with MFS managing the build.”

Pro-active management, with the experience and foresight to identify potential risks as well as opportunities, is something we are passionate about. It amounts to the success or failure of a project and, our reputation.

If you would like to find out more about the team here at MFS and how we can effectively manage your build project’s superstructure, speak to a member of our team today.