MFS announced as finalists in the SECBE Awards 2020 in the Offsite and Health, Safety & Wellbeing categories

We are pleased to announce that we submitted entries in two categories and have been shortlisted for both.


CRITERIA: A number of factors are convening to make offsite construction a more attractive solution than ever before.  It can help address systemic failures including low productivity, low predictability, low margins, adversarial pricing, lack of culture for collaboration, limited R&D and investment in innovation and poor image.

A winning approach will demonstrate a number of the following attributes:

  • A systematic approach to the implementation of offsite solutions that builds on platform-based approaches driving towards repeatability and standardisation.
  • Demonstrates the potential of new and innovative approaches to drive better outcomes using manufacturing and digital technologies.
  • Tangible benefits delivered by using an offsite approach over and above traditional methods including value against time, cost, quality.
  • Contributed to the commercial demands of the client and sustained the needs of the local community.
  • Provided a unique and innovative environment when benchmarked against other building solutions.
  • Delivered additional USP’s against traditional construction methods.

Health, safety & wellbeing

CRITERIA: Health, Safety & Wellbeing is of paramount importance and a culture of ‘safety first’ is crucial to performance. Overarching health and safety risk management systems and effective health initiatives are fundamental to reducing or eliminating all types of incident and promoting health and well–being across the supply chain.

The winner may be able to demonstrate consideration of either project health & safety at the pre-construction and/or construction phases of a project or an organisational initiative impacting on multiple projects or their workforce. Judges will be looking for an approach that demonstrates a number of the following attributes:

  1. An overarching health & safety management culture.
  2. Leadership and innovation leading to new health & safety schemes, tools, processes or actions which ensure protection and improvements occur.
  3. Clear strategies that provide sustainable and effective risk management.
  4. Workplace health and workplace safety considered in equal measure.
  5. Real benefits for all parties, evidenced by objective measurement criteria such as KPIs, AIR, AFR and RIDDOR performance.

The judges will be meeting early in April and the gala dinner and awards ceremony will be held on Thursday 2nd July.

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