Video: The MFS i-Form Solution® in Action at our Ampersand Apartments Project

Norman Hinckes, MFS MD “The MFS i-Form Solution® is our P-DfMA approach to MMC and we were really pleased by the way it performed a recent study and construction awards, especially as it excels and delivers really tangible benefits in our new post-covid environment.

This approach is ideal for ‘medium to high’ rise flats, apartments, care and extra care homes, retirement and student accommodation and is extremely cost effective from 3 storeys up to 10-12, with the ‘sweet spot’ on or around 5-8 storeys. In fact we can now go up to 15 storeys, but the study did not extend that far.

MFS procure and manufacture 90% of the component parts ‘offsite’ including block, floor and roof elements, staircases and balconies.

Once delivered to site our teams of just two operatives working with a remote-controlled mini-cranes achieve the same productivity levels as 8+ traditional brick-layers, significantly reducing the ‘normal’ site labour head count onsite, without compromising quality or output.

Furthermore, once the structural envelope is complete it is ready to receive spray plaster direct, negating the requirement for drylining / plasterboard and plastering, completing the internals in a fraction of the time taken by traditional plastering, with significantly less waste.”