New Year, New Approach?

Last year was, shall we say, different. Not just because an unusual number of celebrities passed away, or that we unexpectedly decided to leave the EU, but because of the effect the latter has had on the economy.  Needless to say, this has made for some interesting months in the construction market.

But that was last year. Let’s look forward to the year ahead. It’s not looking too bad, according to a Markit/CIPS report which details the construction industry as having enjoyed the largest amount of new orders in over a year in the month of December, suggesting that things may be looking up. House building was the main driver behind this up turn, growing at its fastest rate since last January.

We have of course, been here before not that long ago. No wonder we are all seeing projects falter, expectations change and budgets being squeezed. Perhaps it is time to approach things differently? We also saw the results of the Farmer Report coming out last year suggesting it’s time for change, and that includes the materials we use as well as the skill level of employees we need.

We have been working closely with Xella’s Silka system which is a great alternative to traditional building methods. It’s a quicker and more efficient method and most importantly, more cost effective than other building alternatives.

The Silka system itself is a hybrid masonry/concrete frame solution, that offers improved build accuracy, air tightness and sound performance and crucially, no cutting, dust prevention or manual handling needed. All in all it makes the system a quick effect building system. Just what you need in these uncertain times.

If you would like to find out more about specifying or using the Silka system on your next project speak to a member of the MFS team