Norman Hinckes Presents the MFS i-Form Solution® to Ashford Borough Council Development Forum 21st January 2021

Our MD, Norman Hinckes was invited as the guest speaker at the Ashford Borough Council’s Quarterly Development Forum, which meets up every 3 months to discuss the development policies, initiatives and projects across the region.

As a prominent specialist contractor in the borough, Norman was invited to present The MFS i-Form Solution®, our P-DfMA approach to MMC, which prompted several pertinent questions from the panel.

Question: How does the MFS i-Form Solution® cope when access to a site is restricted?
Answer: As long as we can access a crane to unload the lorry then all we need is a lay-by and the access needs to be little more than 6ft wide. So ideal for most tight access sites.

Question: What warranties can you offer?
Answer: We are able to offer a full Collateral Warranty and the system is recognised by all the major warranty providers. We are also currently pursuing the NHBC Accepts scheme and have an application pending.

Question: Can you manufacture builders’ workholes to allow early access to wet trades?
Answer: Absolutely and one of the key strengths of the i-Form! Each block is digitally designed and manufactured offsite, delivered as a ‘flat pack’ ready for assembly, with all the builders work holes and trunking routes all in situ. On our Ampersand projects this saved in the region of £85k and probably 1,000 man hours in time. In terms of plastering, the Silka Elements can be spray plastered to 3-4mm thick, negating the need for plasterboard, drylining or plasterers! Least not all the waste!!!

Question: Can the i-Form work with and around modular ‘pods’ such as kitchens and bathrooms?
Answer: Despite being designed using standardised components. which are manufactured offsite. The ‘Kit of Parts’ delivered to site is more like lego set than a completely modular unit. Meaning that the final structure is 100% bespoke can be completely unique. Therefore, designing around and integrating modular ‘pods’ into the final build is an excellent way to make the very most of both approaches. So yes!

Norman concluded “This approach is ideal for ‘medium to high’ rise flats, apartments, care and extra care homes, retirement and student accommodation and is extremely cost effective from 3 storeys up to 10-12, with the ‘sweet spot’ on or around 5-8 storeys. In fact we can now go up to 15 storeys, but the study did not extend that far.

MFS procure and manufacture 90% of the component parts ‘offsite’ including block, floor and roof elements, staircases and balconies.

Once delivered to site our teams of just two operatives working with remote-controlled mini-cranes achieve the same productivity levels as 8+ traditional brick-layers, significantly reducing the ‘normal’ site labour head count onsite, without compromising quality or output.

Furthermore, once the structural envelope is complete it is ready to receive spray plaster direct, negating the requirement for drylining / plasterboard and plastering, completing the internals in a fraction of the time taken by traditional plastering, with significantly less waste.”

What is P-DfMA?

P = Platforms, a suite of trusted, tried and tested components, elements & systems

D = Design of a bespoke ‘kit of parts’ designed to fulfil project criteria, sustainably

fM = For Manufacture off-site, made to measure in automated factory conditions

A = Assembly on-site using much less labour, in less time and with zero waste to landfill

The key benefits of the MFS i-Form Solution®

The MFS i-Form Solution® has been independently assessed, compared to a traditional RC frame construction, and proven to deliver:

* 90-95% offsite manufacture of components

* 100% productivity levels

* 200% quicker completion times

* 20-25% of the traditional workforce is required

* 20% saving on overall build budget

* 100% scalable

* Zero waste to landfill

* Excellent fire, acoustic and environmental credentials