Critical Path Analysis

There are many factors in construction which can push timescales out, to avoid this happening MFS use Critical path analysis (CPA), this is a technique that identifies the activities actually necessary to complete a task, including identifying the time necessary to finish each activity and the relationships between the activities. CPA helps to predict if a project will finish on time.

Critical Path Analysis – How it works


MFS took over our Silka works on our Eastbourne College project after problems with our Belgian contractor.

Being an experienced thin bed contractor, MFS got to grips with the intricacies of the system including the critical sequencing of the build to access the works with the material handler. MFS invested in further training of their operatives in the system and equipment including material handling which was a grey area regards CPCS certification. There were some sequencing delays by other trades… but MFS proved to be flexible in accommodating.

Example Critical Path Analysis Diagrams

Here are some example Critical Path Diagrams, so you can see how it might benefit your project management and timescales.

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