Off-site / DfMA Manufacturing

Off-site and DfMA manufacturing is fast becoming a mainstream and intelligent approach to building, it tackles a number of modern construction challenges energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and speed.

The durability of our Masonry Frame Systems is reliant on the way they are manufactured, MFS use a fabric first approach – our blocks are constructed within factory conditions. From design to delivery, offsite manufacture ensures every step is a success and there is zero waste on site.

Offsite Manufacturing Expectations


The project is going very well and Westridge are excited to reach weather tightness two weeks early.

Martin Buckthorpe, Westridge Construction Ltd

Precision Engineering and Off-site Manufacturing

Our chosen products which are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, use modern technology design, it makes installation much easier and reduces the need for trades. This type of precision engineering will reduce the opportunity for human error, and the long-term performance of projects is guaranteed.

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