Platform DfMA – a componentised approach to construction – is getting its first private sector run-out on a London office job.

Landsec, one of the UK’s largest commercial property developers, is working with integrated design practice Bryden Wood on a London office scheme which could transform how construction projects are procured, designed and constructed.

Benchmarked against Landsec’s typical costs per sq m, the project – currently at design stage – is already achieving impressive efficiency gains: a predicted 9.5% reduction in capital cost against a target of 10%, and a 13% reduction in programme against a target of 15%.

This is the first ‘real world’ application of P-DfMA (platform design for manufacture and assembly) in the private sector – essentially a more standardised, componentised approach to construction.

“Using a repeatable, manufactured kit of parts allows us to improve the accuracy of the structural components so we can be more confident the cladding panels will fit first time.” Jaimie Johnston, Bryden Wood

Source: Construction Manager Magazine