Remote Controlled Mini Cranes requiring only Two Operatives

Smaller Cranes

TWO workers + ONE mini-crane = at least twice the traditional output per day

A typical MFS gang consists of two operatives and one mini-crane.

Whilst this is a small team, we would expect them to consistently deliver twice the output of a traditional brickwork gang (two bricklayers and one labourer).

These cranes are an intrinsic ‘platform’ within our MFS i-Form Solution®, our PDfMA approach to MMC.


One gang of two MFS operatives will work using a mini-crane which will allow them to carry out their work in a safe and controlled manner, reducing manual handling and also the need for contact with co-workers.

As well as these standard mini-cranes, we use remotely controlled mini-cranes – meaning we can construct simply at the press of a button, whilst the second worker just needs to guide the element into place. As the video below demonstrates. These remote controlled mini-cranes further increase efficiency, firstly in terms of output and secondly and rather more importantly in terms of health and safety.

Lissmac LMK 400 TFE – Otherwise known as the manual crane, this crane can be operational with either one or two people gangs. To implement social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic these machines can be for single person use only.

Lissmac LMK 400 TFE/DK – This crane is known as our remote-controlled mini crane. This crane operates from a single remote-control, this means we can have two people working as normal, but they can comfortably maintain the advised 2 metres apart.