Training, People And Construction

With the recent release of the government’s new White Paper on the housing issues in England; also not forgetting the arguments arising over green belt and some even questioning whether building 250,000 homes are either enough or too much. Perhaps we should just stop and focus on the very practical problems facing many of us on the frontline in the construction industry.

There are some very real issues for the construction industry surrounding Brexit and the deals/decisions that are made around our exit. Whether or not you voted in or out the fact is the UK construction industry work force is made up of 12% non-UK labour. Most of which are EU nationals who have a lot of the skills the UK construction market needs. How will we combat the additional shortfall to the current labour shortage if they are affected by the UK’s exit from the EU?

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has recently released worrying statics about the already existing skills shortage. Their report suggests that the shortage has spread and is now not only affecting, bricklayers and carpenters but roofers, electricians and plasterers.

An option for the sector is to take a look back at our training schemes and the methods of construction we are using. There are great alternatives to traditional brick building and timber frame methods of construction that are available. Being specialists in Masonry Alternatives in particular Silka Elements and other thin-joint options, we know that these different methods can help alleviate some of the issues the industry is facing.

The only thing is, training is still a requirement. These methods are quicker, more efficient and can produce more sustainable homes, and take less time to train and educate labourers how to use them compared to traditional build methods. We have been focusing on bringing in new members of our team both on site and back at HQ to train, to help us deal with increased demand in masonry building methods. So if you are considering your next housing development consider how Masonry Alternatives could help your project?