When It Comes To Cranes We Go Smaller Not Bigger

One of the most exciting things about specialising in alternative builds is that we get to use some pretty fun equipment. We love our mini cranes, they are so adaptable and can be used in areas where other machinery can’t. They form an essential part of our workforce. We simply couldn’t build without them. At the Tonbridge housing scheme project we are using 3 of them, which have been specifically commissioned from Lissmac.

These each have a lifting capacity of 400kg at a 5m radius. They’ve also got adjustable lifting clamps which are able to lift full and cut blocks, of all thicknesses. Working closely with our German partners we have developed a special crane model, which makes them perfectly suited for UK construction sites.

We aren’t the only ones who love the mini cranes, Lissmac manufacture about 400 mini cranes each year, and have been doing so for the past 10 years. They feature throughout, Germany, Poland, Holland and Belgium, where 80% of their building works are carried out using the Xella Calcium Silicate (Silka) Elements.

We are Lissmac’s UK partner and distributor, if you want to find out more about these mini cranes, how they could work on your construction site and how best to purchase one, then please contact our office and speak to a member of our team.