Why the Best build Method for the Tonbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme is Xella

Being Masonry build specialists, we have spoken for some time about the virtues of building systems that are commonly used across Europe. Xella is one of our favourite companies that provide these alternative build systems. From Ytong blocks to Silka Elements, they really have a great understanding of the build process. Xella have grasped how construction can be made more efficient by using well-made and thought out building products that people can easily be taught how to use.

We have recently secured one of our largest projects using the Silka System and to a lesser extent the Ytong Blocks. Up against stiff competition from more traditional build methods, the building owners ultimately chose to use the Silka Elements for a number of key reasons.

The Build Speed:
Because of the size and composition of the Elements we are able to improve productivity two fold, more, in fact, when you factor in all of the benefits; elimination of scaffolding, solid party wall construction etc, we are able to reduce the typical build programme of the traditional masonry option by more than three months.

Unlike a typical housing project, this is more significant than you can imagine, as it is not possible to phase completions and have an early release of units. With a scheme like the Tonbridge Extra Care project it is essentially both complete and ready for occupation or it isn’t! It is Silka Element’s build speed that makes it a great method for building care facilities.

Efficiency Increase and Cost Reduction: 
It perhaps goes without saying that if you’re able to reduce the build time of a project by three months there is inevitably a large cost saving to be had on the project. Coupled with the reduction in time between the projects starting and the developer/owner being able to use the building for its intended purpose . . . It may be an ‘alternative’ way of building but being alternative can be a good thing. This kind of build method can be a great advantage across a wide range of industries, not just the care sector.

In addition to this Silka elements also offer improved air tightness and sound performance, the robustness of Solid Masonry and PC Concrete, minimal shrinkage and significantly reduced defects, greater thermal mass and fire resistance, it is a fully compliant build method and one we should be using a lot more of in the UK.

The use of the Silka Elements on the Tonbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme is a great demonstration of how this modern build method can make not just this project but similar projects more efficient and cost effective. Ultimately significantly reducing the time from project start to building occupation.

If you would like to find out more about how Silka Elements could help your build, speak to one of our team today.