COVID-19 Secure Sites, MFS can still maintain 100% Productivity, 200% Quicker and 20% Cheaper – and here’s how..

Several industry experts are currently questioning, ‘Does social distancing reduce productivity?’ – in many cases this will be so. Traditional methods will not be able to maintain ‘normal’ resource levels and unlikely to achieve 100% productivity whilst maintaining 2-metre distancing and following other Government Guidelines.

We can, in fact, maintain 100% productivity with an output rate that is 200% quicker than traditional methods. It also has several cost benefits which make the process 20% cheaper than other methods. For example the need for internal crash decks is omitted, M+E routes can be integrated into our design, and due to the fact we finish quicker it means you can be generating revenue sooner.

Our i-Form solution can guarantee the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all of our employees without compromising productivity, speed of build, or cost.

No1: 80% Offsite Manufacture

All the products that are used within the MFS i-Form Solution are manufactured offsite bespoke to each project. They are then delivered to site as a ‘kit of parts’ and assembled in situ. These elements include large format blocks, floors, stairs & balconies required to build the structural envelope.

Minimising time and activity onsite – with zero waste to landfill.

No2: TWO workers + ONE mini-crane = at least twice the traditional output per day

A typical MFS gang consists of two operatives and one mini-crane. Whilst this is a small team, we would expect them to consistently deliver twice the output of a traditional brickwork gang (two bricklayers and one labourer).

The way we work means that we do not need to make any major changes. Our operatives work as normal and achieve pre-COVID productivity levels, whilst strictly adhering to the CLC and Government guidelines.

No3: What a difference a crane makes!

One gang of two MFS operatives will work using a mini-crane which will allow them to carry out their work in a safe and controlled manner, reducing manual handling and also the need for contact with co-workers. As well as these standard mini-cranes, we use remotely controlled mini-cranes – meaning we can construct simply at the press of a button, whilst the second worker just needs to guide the element into place. These remote controlled mini-cranes further increase efficiency, firstly in terms of output and secondly and rather more importantly in terms of health and safety.

Lissmac LMK 400 TFE – Otherwise known as the manual crane, this crane can be operational with either one or two people gangs. To implement social distancing these machines will be for single person use only.

Lissmac LMK 400 TFE/DK – This crane is known as our remote-controlled mini crane. This crane operates from a single remote-control, this means we can have two people working as normal, but they can comfortably maintain the advised 2 metres apart.

Smaller Cranes

No4: MFS can reduce labour onsite by 75%

The more people there are on a site, the harder it will be to enforce Government guidelines related to working with Covid-19 and social distancing rules.

The MFS i-Form Solution requires significantly less workers on-site. No need for an internal crash deck means less scaffolders, zero waste means less labour to handle and remove and 2-person gangs achieving higher outputs.

As a comparison, a traditional brick-laying gang of 3-4 people would roughly lay 20m2 a day. This means for traditional team to achieve the same outputs as an MFS gang, they would require 2-3 gangs, totalling up to 8 people.

This reduction in labour onsite will make life a lot easier when trying to enforce social distancing.

No5: Supply chain 100% secure and ready to go!

There is no dispute that due to the scale of this current pandemic, supply chains are being massively affected. However, at MFS we pride ourselves on our relationships with our suppliers and are happy to be able to guarantee delivery of materials to sites across the South East.

Whilst some of our material supplies originate in Europe, nevertheless due to the serious precautions taken at the required early stages Covid-19 has had very little damage on our partners and factories are back up and running at the usual speed.

Certainty of delivery has always been something that we are proud to advertise and this is mirrored all throughout our supply chain.

No6: Strict observance of all current Government and Industry guidelines

Whilst Covid-19 is an ongoing issue, we are working tirelessly to keep up-to-date with the guidelines and guidance the UK Government are offering so that we can maintain the highest confidence that all of our employees’ health, safety and well-being are protected.

Although MFS can protect the health, safety and well-being of our own employees, we also are committed to working collaboratively with all clients and contractors. In doing so, protecting the entire industry using good practices as recognised by Government guidelines.

See MFS in action at a recent live demonstration

An MFS team of three constructed a one bedroom apartment using the Xella Silka Element blocks and a Lissmac mini crane in less than six hours.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the industry a COVID-Secure solution without compromising either the health and wellbeing of our staff OR productivity.

Please Take Care, Stay Safe and Stay in Touch” N.L.Hinckes Managing Director

Additional MFS services continuing throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

Project Planning & Estimating

MFS are working on existing project plans & proposals and are welcoming new project tenders for post Coronavirus outbreak construction.

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Cost & Benefit Analysis

We are also running analysis projects to scope and report on the cost / time / waste / labour benefits of the MFS i-Form Solution, our P-DfMA approach to MMC.

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Online CPD Presentations

New clients are using this time to explore new or alternative MMC options. We can organise a CPD with you and your remote workers via Zoom.

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