Update on our Panorama Project in Ashford June 2019

We commenced this project in December 2018.

In January we welcomed Peter, the 1st of two new apprentices to join the MFS team at our Panorama site in Ashford. Peter was shortlisted from a group of 16 boys via Concept Training, and did so well in his skills test that we were thrilled to offer him the 1st apprenticeship. MFS are committed to investing in training and bringing young talent into the construction industry. Despite this cold January weather the Xella Silka blockwork project at our Ashford site continued apace. With the thin joint mortar setting within 2 hours and load bearing within 24 hours – even at temperatures as low as -3 degrees.

The images taken below in June 2019 show the east block progressing well and one of the Lissmac Cranes busy on site.