H+H “I” House System

I House.

I House system.

The MFS H+H “I” House System

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MFS as part of your design team

We consider every project on its own merits and offer to take Design Responsibility for the whole of the Structural Envelope from oversite and more importantly provide you with a Design Warranty. That way we are able to rationalise our approach and provide the client with the comfort of a ‘tried and tested’ solution with a single point of responsibility.

H+H “I” House System Facts

  • Composition:The panels are manufactured from Calcium Silicate and achieve strengths in excess of 25 N/mm2, making it a perfect solution for medium to high-rise projects. Fully weight bearing up to 10 storeys.
  • Dimensions: The standard Silka elements are 900mm x 650mm and can weigh up to 214kg depending on the thickness. Requires mechanical installation.

  • Thickness: Silka blocks are manufactured in a range of sizes. We tend to specify the 150mm wide for external walls and the 214mm width for party and separating walls.
  • Cost: The Xella Silka block cost is comparable with our Thin Joint blockwork system, however is substantially quicker in delivering a complete structural envelope, in fact halving a ‘traditional’ build programme.
  • Offsite lead time: A typical lead time on the manufacture is approx. 6-8 weeks.
  • On site lead time: We can typically complete a single storey in around 10-15 working days.

Key Construction & Building Benefits

  • Substantially quicker and more cost effective than a conventional Reinforced Concrete frame and infill, with a ‘hybrid’ masonry / concrete frame solution
  • Conventional construction with added speed & efficiency benefits
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance and Fire retardant properties

  • Able to meet Approved Document A3 Disproportionate Collapse Class 2A and 2B

  • Zero Waste, either during the manufacturing process or on-site!
  • A unique solution which meets demands of the modern construction industry, with the resistance of Solid Masonry and PCC Concrete
  • MFS offer a Structural Design Solution and Warranty. Our early involvement in the design and planning can reduce costs and time on site.

MFS H+H “I” House System Construction Projects

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